İnci Eviner : Runaway Girls

The Drawing Center

Public Program on Thursday, May 28 2015 at 7pm
Join for the premiere of İnci Eviner’s new film Runaway Girls, together with screenings of her recent films Harem (2009), Parliament (2010), and Nursing Modern Fall (2012). Following the screening, curator Brett Littman will be in conversation with Molly Kleiman, deputy editor of Triple Canopy.

İnci Eviner, Still from Runaway Girls, HD Video loop, surround sound system. Copyright İnci Eviner 2015. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Nev, Istanbul.


The Drawing Center has commissioned Turkish multimedia artist İnci Eviner to create a new work, entitled Runaway Girls. Eviner uses repetitive, hypnotically shifting scenes to explore contemporary feminism at the crossroads of the East and West, as well as broader historical narratives and notions of the body and performance. Eviner’s goal for Runaway Girls is to explore the dreams, stories, and fears of girls who have either chosen to run away or were forced to leave their communities, living on the edge of society in Turkey and beyond. Unfolding in a warehouse that is under construction, the film presents fragmented scenes in which gender-ambiguous figures, whose faces are obscured by mysterious drawings, dance, struggle, and chase one another before an endlessly rotating camera. In this video the state of drawing in her practice takes on new dimensions. Eviner says that in Runaway Girls, “drawings take the place of actors and become involved in the story. Drawings demand to be free. They want to tear themselves from the paper.”

Curated by Brett Littman, Executive Director.