Elaine STURTEVANT, WORKING DRAWING WARHOL FLOWERS LICHTENSTEIN POINTED FINGER, 1966, silkscreen ink and graphite pencil on cardboard, collection Paul Maenz, Berlin

Albertina Museum, Vienna, Austria

14 February 2015 – 10 May 2015

The Albertina is pleased to present the world’s first ever major museum exhibition of the drawings of Sturtevant, an American artist and the originator of Appropriation art. The exhibition, with a total of 100 drawings, prints and images representing Sturtevant’s artistic creative process from 1964 to 2004, not only enables a focused look at her graphic work over five decades, but it also features the first ever public showing of 80 drawings.
The concept for the exhibition was developed in close collaboration with the artist. The intensive research and meticulous exploration of her graphic work confirms the assertion that the early drawings of the 1960s are the key to understanding the approach to her radical and rigorous conceptual work. Specifically the drawings from 1965 to 1966, which one could describe as “composite drawings”, provide a penetrating insight into her artistic thought process and her status within the history of art as a kind of “Super Pop” or “Pop Plus”. The exhibition of her drawings casts a new light on this aspect of the most recent art history.

Although Sturtevant is not mentioned in much of the art history discourse on pop art and conceptual art, her work is fundamental to an understanding of both movements. Her art is undoubtedly among the most compelling and exceptional contributions to contemporary art.

Curators: Mario Kramer, Antonia Hoerschelmann, Elsy Lahner

Image : Elaine Sturtevant, LICHTENSTEIN FINAL STUDY FOR LANDSCAPE WITH FIGURES, 1988, colored pencil and graphite pencil on paper, Sammlung Ringier, Switzerland