Art on Paper

Du 11 au 13 septembre 2015

Terarken rooms, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Ville de Bruxelles


Drawing enjoys significant consideration on the international arts scene, whether it comes to exhibitions, biennial arts events and art critic reviews, to institutions and individuals whose collections are committed to drawings, or still to galleries and specialised fairs. While in the past, drawing used to be confined to the auxiliary rank of artistic practice, it now holds its own place in the world of contemporary art; the medium has succeeded in conquering its autonomy.

With its specifics rooted in graphic expression, which composes the image with lines, drawing nonetheless allows for a vast number of possibilities to be introduced, for a pallet of perspectives to be displayed and for artists to reveal their uniqueness, whether they dedicate the entirety of their work to drawing or lend themselves to it occasionally. Whether it is figurative, abstract, monumental, minimalist, three-dimensional, shimmering, discreet, performance-based, narrative… its incessantly renewed possibilities, both in its compositions and in its procedures, demonstrate the richness and pertinence of contemporary drawing.

Galerie Dohyang Lee, PAULA CASTRO, Kentucky Pizza, ink on paper, diptych, 100x70cm, unique piece, 2012

Galerie Dohyang Lee, PAULA CASTRO, Kentucky Pizza, ink on paper, diptych, 100x70cm, unique piece, 2012




Art on Paper has made itself the sounding board for this pertinence that is specific to the medium by devoting itself strictly to drawing in its most contemporary expression. For this fifth edition, taking place from 11 to 13 September 2015, the Brussels contemporary drawing show is taking possession of the BOZAR Terarken rooms with a plan to connect some twenty solo shows selected from international galleries. An artist’s stroke will thus stand out within each exhibition space.

A new artistic director, supported by a selection committee, maintains the lasting and demanding line drawn for the show. The stage design structures the space in response to the specifics of the project that hosts it.


FAIR DIRECTOR: Adeline d’Ursel

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Pauline Hatzigeorgiou



Denis De Rudder / La Cambre

Olivier Gevart / Ete 78

Harlan Levey / Harlan Levey Projects

Francesco Rossi / Rossicontemporary

Maïté Smeyers / BOZAR expo

Christophe Veys / Collection Veys-Verhaevert



  1. Galerie Martine Aboucaya (Paris) & Peter Downsbrough
  2. Alice Gallery (Brussels) & Hell’O Monsters
  3. ArchiRaar (Brussels) &  Takahiro Kudo  
  4. Galerie Bernard Bouche (Paris) & Michel Boulanger
  5. Francis Carrette (Brussels) & Léa Mayer
  6. Galerie Jacques Cerami (Couillet) & Michaël Matthys
  7. Circonstance Galerie (Nice) & Laurette Atrux-Tallau
  8. D+T Project (Brussels) & Stephan Balleux
  9. Espace à vendre (Nice) & Stéphane Steiner
  10. Galerie Felli (Paris) & Philippe Ségéral
  11. Galerie Nadine Feront (Brussels) & Eva Evrard
  12. Annie Gentils Gallery (Antwerp) & Wesley Meuris
  13. Hverfisgalleri (Reykjavik) & Guðný Rósa Ingimarsdóttir
  14. Cecilia Jaime Gallery (Gent) & Line Boogaerts
  15. Galerie Dohyang Lee (Paris) & Paula Castro
  16. Lullin+Ferrari (Zurich) & Anne-Lise Coste
  17. Galerie Odile Ouizeman (Paris) & Iris Levasseur
  18. Papel Art (Paris) & Vincent Chenut
  19. Thomas Rehbein Galerie (Cologne, Brussels) & William Anastasi  
  20. Rossicontemporary (Brussels) & Marie Rosen
  21. Rubicon Gallery (Dublin) & Michael Kane
  22. The White House Gallery (Lovenjoel) & Adrien Lucca
  23. Yoko Uhoda Gallery (Liege) & Charlotte Beaudry
  24. Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde (Dubaï, Brussels) & Abdelkader Benchamma
  25. Galerie Nadja Vilenne (Liege) & Valérie Sonnier



Committed to the promotion of today’s art scene, Art on Paper is launching a call for projects aimed at artists and art students whose work reflects an affinity with drawing. The winner, to be chosen by a jury that brings together players in the world of contemporary art, will present his or her work in one of the exhibition spaces throughout the course of the exhibition. Applications are open to any artist or art student, without any age limit or territorial constraint, as long as he/she is not represented by one of the galleries taking part in the exhibition. Projects submitted to the committee must fall within the practice of drawing but may open up to otherformats than the traditional line on paper – performance-based, three-dimensional, movement drawing, etc. They can be designed specifically for the space provided or can bring together a series of past works.

Jury :

Paul Dujardin / BOZAR

Marc Ruyters / H ART

Kurt Snoekx / l’Agenda

Catherine Henkinet / ISELP

João Freitas, Untitled (1991), 2014, marker on paper, 107,8 x 97,8 cm

João Freitas, Untitled (1991), 2014, marker on paper, 107,8 x 97,8 cm

The artist João Freitas has been awarded the Young Talent Prize of the 2015 edition of Art on Paper in collaboration with BOZAR. He has been selected by the jury composed of Paul Dujardin, Catherine Henkinet, Mark Ruyters and Kurt Snoekx.
From the line to the mark, from the marked to the gesture, João Freitas borrows methods as diverse as multiform to question the essence of drawing, from its first meanings to its most poetic reverberations. Through his works on or in paper, his installations, performances and videos, João Freitas’ practice is imbued with the notion of imprint. Both the repetition of gesture as the randomness of its outcomes are essential to his work.
During the Brussels drawing fair, the artist will propose recent installations with specific artistic means that demonstrate his interest in the decomposition of the materiality of paper and the temporality of the stroke.

Born in 1989 in COIMBRA (Portugal), João Freitas began his artistic education in the Drawing Department of La Cambre, which he completed it in 2014.This summer he contributed to the Madeinfilandia, residency and exhibition in Filanda, Pieve A Presciano, Italy, and he was the winner of the residency and scholarship of the Fondation Privée du Carrefour des Arts Brussels, for the year 2014-2015. His latest solo exhibition, To be titled, took place in the gallery Fuoricampo, Siena. He lives and works in Brussels.

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